• September 20Friday (9/27) Blue & Silver Day
  • September 20Thursday (9/26) Class Shirt Day
  • September 20Tuesday (9/24) Construction Worker Day

JV Baseball

Camille Kulack

May 14, 2019

The JV baseball team has wins 9-5. The team is full of students who continuously support one another everyday on and off the field. The JV baseball team has been able to defeat a lot of teams with their impressive skills. The tea...

Freshman Baseball

Nathaniel Samaniego

April 25, 2019

This year is the first year the Mountain House High School has had a Freshman baseball team. These boys have worked hard to get to where they are and Coach Lopez and Feinstein have pushed them to reach their full potential. Ev...

Varsity Baseball

Camille Kulak

April 24, 2019

The baseball team at MHHS has kept up impressive stats and plays. Continuing, as of now, the Varsity baseball team’s overall wins and losses is 9-8. The baseball team has been very supportive of one another through each ...