3 Business Ideas During Quarantine


Akshra Narahari, Writer

It has been approximately 7 – 8 months since COVID-19 started in the United and everyone has gone unger quarantine. As time goes on it can become really boring. So one of the many things that people are doing right now and is actually a great idea. These are some great business ideas which could be done during this time:



Baking has become one of the biggest business ideas so far. People who are interested on the cooking side of things can go with this idea. With the right safety precautions and a healthy working space this could be great. A lot of people now are getting extremely creative with their work since they are staying at home most of the time. Since all of this is done at home a lot people would also get attracted with your business since you can hire a few other people to ship the food when they get ordered online.


Making masks is probably one of the most popular businesses going around. Not everyone in your community most likely would have a mask to wear considering the fact that they are rare to be found now in the current situation we are in. So creating masks and selling them to people could be a huge help and appreciative as well. 


A lot of people who are interested in the fashion area of work could be one of the most fun business projects which you would put into action and expand. Using the internet and social media it could essentially help with spreading your business and the products which you are selling. This is another business which is running really well during this time especially if they are in home businesses and small ones as well.