TV Review: The Unicorn


Judy Saafein, Editor

Hello again everyone! Today I’m reviewing “The Unicorn” streaming on Netflix. This show is about a widowed father with 2 kids. The show takes place 1 year after his wife passed away and shows the process of the father and kids trying to move on with their lives. It is a heartwarming comedy family show, so basically the new “Full House”.


Personally I really like the show. It is hilarious and there are raw emotional moments. Additionally though it is a family show, there are plenty of references teens and adults will understand. Unlike the “Full House” which seems to always have an answer to their problem(s) by the end of the episode; “The Unicorn” shows that sometimes there is no solution and that’s okay.


To sum it up, if you want to watch a realistic and funny show, stream “The Unicorn” on Netflix. However, I give it a 8.5 out of ten (instead of 10/10) because there is only 1 season with about 15 episodes. Give us more Netflix!