Quaran-teen Birthday Ideas

What can you do to celebrate duing a world wide pandemic?

Quaran-teen Birthday Ideas

Katharine Smith, Editor

While you might have to be at home on your birthday, you will still have the chance to make it memorable one! Just because we’re in quarantine for the time being, does not mean you have to skip the festivities altogether! Here are some ways to celebrate your family, friends, or yourself at home:

  • Send a card

The simplest way to express your love for someone is with a card. Write a sincere note and get creative with it (add a picture, paint them something, send a gift card, etc)! Since when did mailing letters not become the most thoughtful way to show affection?

  • Make a “happy birthday” video montage

Without a party to celebrate with, making a personalized video montage for the celebrator is the most efficient way to make it interactive. You can record meaningful messages in short clips and put them together to send. The gift is sure to be a keepsake for years to come!

  • Host a virtual birthday party on Zoom

Set up a link to send to all of your friends or family for a virtual happy hour! With Zoom’s impeccable camera quality, you can throw a dance party or play a fun game of charades. For an even better surprise, ask the invitees to log on earlier than the guest of honor and sing “happy birthday” once they log on!

  • Host a Netflix Party

Schedule a virtual watch party by downloading the Netflix Party extension in Chrome, giving you and your pals to enjoy watching the same movie at the same time! There is even a chat box for you to share your thoughts on the film. 

  • Send a desert

A great way to support your local bakery or business in these hard times is to order a delivery. You can use Doordash, Postmates, or personally pick it up yourself to drop off at your friend’s doorstep! 

  • Drive by their house

Organize a drive-by on their birthday, invite all of your friends or family, deck out your car with decorations, and tell your guest of honor to step outside for a special surprise! You can even designate a spot outside of their house to drop off presents or cards!