How to Plant a Rock Garden

How to Plant a Rock Garden

Katharine Smith, Editor

Step 1: Find the right location


Choosing a good location for your garden can make it easier to notice. The right space for your garden can either light up your yard or create disorganization. Since the size of your landscaping rock will vary, you might want to map the location out on paper beforehand. 


Step 2: Pick the right plants and rocks


For the rock gardens, the best type of plants tend to be on the smaller side and drought-tolerant. Think tiny; these can include- small daffodils, wild tulips, mints, small succulents, or dandelions. Classic rock gardens are fun to tuck into unlikely spots. 


Step 3: Use soil


Soil is the most important part of growing a rock garden. Before planting, combine small rocks, a layer of sand, and a layer of topsoil. Try not to use rich nutrient soil with lots of compost because rock garden plants are meant to live through dry climates. 


Step 4: Make it your own!


Combine everything you’ve learned about soil, collecting plants, and finding the perfect location, and put it all together! Some families have made traditions of carved stores with the names of pets or family members. Others will add gnomes and little statues to add to their garden. Personalize it and it will become a great conversation starter (and future hobby)!