Recycling is Important

How can we find ways to recycle better and more efficiently? Recycling is just as important as anything else, especially right now. It might not seem extravagant, but it helps give back to our local community. One way is to recycle efficiently and safely is being wary of what that recycling material contains. Science has just recently released a article about how much waste that health care workers were making but the general public as well. The health care workers has disposable masks, gloves, and gowns still producing 6 times the amount of waste than the pandemic occurring before. Consumers who have home-delivered groceries and take out meals can produce about 1400 tons of plastic which shows how choices and the affect of those choices can impact the environment. Lets now get into the tips of recycling/how to recycle cautiously

The EPA gave some helpful tips on how to recycle smarter: the most important ones are to keep sanitary equipment as well as plastic bags out of the recycling bin and to treat recyclables as trash if someone is sick inside the house. There are also some basic tips:

  •  No recyclables in plastic bags
  • Clean and shake dry recyclables
  • Breaking down cardboard boxes putting them in the recycling bin
  • Put the recycling and trash materials in their own bin to avoid contamination
  • Do not put batteries in both recycling and trash bins
  • Batteries, paints, and other less disposable items should be kept to either donate, recycle,  or to dispose
  • Grass clippings should be returned to the lawn instead of bagging them

In addition, the EPA has other information of food storage from how to store food to shopping wisely and planning meals. When recycling, not only does it contribute to the environment but also helps people in need from COVID-19. This is also a quick way for those who want to help. When recycling, it means products can be turned into things like construction materials.