Movie Review: HUNGER GAMES

Akshara Narahari, Staff Writer

Recently, for my English class we have just started to read The Hunger Games after fall break. This book really caught my attention and immediately made me want to watch the movie instantly. After reading 28 chapters and watching the movie which was about 2 and half hours in length I decided to give this movie a solid 8/10.

I am personally not a huge fan of movies. Instead I mostly prefer watching either tv shows or reading books instead but this movie was thoroughly very interesting to watch. The visuals, story lines, and scenes were on point for almost the entire movie. There were definitely a few minor scenes which the movie was missing and I was disappointed to know that they were not included.

I would personally recommend this movie to kids that are older than 13 years of age since there is some blood, wounds, dangerous weapons, affection, and inappropriate language shown as well which may not be the most comfortable content to watch for the kids younger than this age. All in all I think this movie is really cool to watch and would recommend it to anyone . If you are the type of person who would like to see a visual representation of this book which is really accurate then watching the movie would definitely be the way to go!