The 6 Best Apps To Increase Your Productivity.


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Sejal Ghanate

It’s the lack of productivity for me.

I’ll admit, time-management isn’t a strong point for me. I’ve tried countless apps and techniques. And they all have their pros and cons, but these 6 apps helped me the most.

I have used all of these apps, and I stand by my review of them. If anything has been updated or changed, please let me know.

And on the matter of saving time, let’s get right into it.


Free, but the premium version available.

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From the Evernote website

This is my all-time favorite. Life without Evernote would be chaos. Not only is it free but you can sync it on all of your devices. Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, you name it.

I love the fact, that there’s a web version. This way I can easily add a reminder, without straying away to other apps.


  • Passcode-protected
  • Great for writing drafts.
  • Dark and Light Mode available
  • Note-Taking is simple as it can be.
  • Web-version
  • Quick Syncs
  • Reminders, Recordings, Sketching, Adding attachments, taking photos, scanning documents, and more are all available!
  • Search Bar
  • Collaboration through teams.
  • Able to capture clips from websites
  • Daily Tasks feature included

These are all in the free version!


  • The main screen may be hard to control for some.
  • Could be better organized.
  • The free version only works online.

That’s all! Evernote is a lifesaver. 🤠

Google Calendar

Free but premium version available for business users.

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From the App Store

As basic as google calendar is, it’s always got your back. The best thing is, you can download and sync Google Calendar on all your devices.

Plus, it’s built right into your Google account, so it’s helpful to students. I use this to schedule my classes and important test/due dates.


  • Syncs over all your devices
  • Sharing is a great feature
  • Alerts and notifications can be customized
  • Very simple to use
  • The UI(user interface) is very smooth and polished
  • Stores everything without a problem
  • It’s easy to pair with other google devices and syncs effortlessly with Google Meet.


  • May have difficulty connecting with other calendars
  • There aren’t much interface personalization, only themes, and colors.
  • Hard to integrate with other meeting applications

Google Calendar is great for balancing your school and/or work events. With a few taps, you can have everything set.


free with a premium version(Bear Pro)

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From the Bear Website

Bear is basically Evernote with more customization and a better UI.

The display is smoother, and you can link, hashtag, search, export, import, etc. But Bear is more of just a notes app, whereas Evernote contains reminders, notes, sketching, scanning, etc.


  • Exporting and Importing
  • Markup Editor
  • Todos
  • Hashtags(to find things faster)
  • Smart Data recognition for links, emails, colors, and addresses.
  • Works with Siri and apple watch
  • Can import from Evernote


  • A lot of features are only available in the Pro
  • If you’re not paying, it’s basically just a notes app
  • Export options are limited, for the free version
  • The interface is crowded on older model phones
  • Only available on IOS

The main problem with Bear is if you don’t buy Bear Pro($1.49 monthly, or 14.99 annually), you miss out on a lot of cool features. But if you’re just looking for a smoother-looking notes app, you found it.

All the pros mentioned here, are available in the free version.


free for Android, free chrome web extension, $1.99 on the Apple app store,

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From the Forest Website

Forest is an app that helps you stay focused. Basically, whenever you want to stay focused you plant a tree on the app.

While you work, the tree will grow, but if you interrupt it, it will die. The more you focus, the more trees you have, which will lead to a forest.

Plus, Forest is partnered with an organization, that plants real trees. So far, Forest has planted 881,717(as of Sept. 28) trees.


  • Increases focus
  • You can plant trees with your friends
  • Great way to hold you accountable for your screen time
  • Excellent graphics and design
  • Simple to use
  • Wonderful for those you need a visual incentive and extra incentive to be productive.


  • only paid version available for ios
  • the desktop version lacks features
  • Have to work for a long time to receive coins(reward)
  • Not a lot of study sounds/music

I‘ve only recently been using this app, so I’m not aware of all the pros/cons. All in all, Forest is a promising app.


Free, but Premium Version( Trello Gold) available

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From the Apple Store

Trello is great for work, and people in teams. I’ve only used the web version, but the app has a 4.6 rating on the app store.

From my experience, it’s very customizable. Maybe, a little too much. It can be an overload when you first start.

If you’re looking for something simple, then Trello isn’t the best.


  • The AI is smooth(mainly on the app)
  • It’s very flexible.
  • Great communication tool.
  • Amazing for homework organization.
  • Syncing is quick.
  • Make it look unique, with all the personalization tools.
  • Great, if you have many different tasks to accomplish.


  • A lot of steps to complete some functions.
  • When you finish a task, you have to manually drag it.
  • Doesn’t work offline. (for desktop)
  • Doesn’t include widgets for iPhone.
  • May be hard to use.
  • Deleting cards is tiresome.

All in all, Trello is a reliable app, with a few bugs. It’s certainly worth a try, however. A couple of people I know love it, while others don’t. So it may end up being your go-to app. 🤷



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From RAWinfopages

Plantie is a free version of Forest. It’s a time management app that lets you grow trees, while you focus on your work.

You get motivated by collecting badges and unlocking more fruits/trees. It’s a great app, especially since its free.


  • It’s simple and straight to the point
  • Customize settings to fit your needs
  • The trees and achievements give you motivation
  • You become productive almost instantly
  • There’s a stats section, so you can track your productivity


  • Doesn’t have an option to add a louder noise, to signify the timer is done
  • If you re-download the app, you lose your progress
  • Earning coins may take a lot of time
  • Doesn’t let you choose certain apps to blacklist

Plantie is perfect for people, who want to increase their productivity, without forking over any money. One of my favorite features about Plantai is the stats page. Seeing, how productive I’ve been over the last few weeks really motivates me.


Do you feel your productivity levels rising, just by reading this post? Or is it just me? Again, I have tried all these apps and they’re all for different types of people. That’s why you have six different options!

(Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by any of these apps)

Do you have any apps suggestions, for productivity? Let me know in the comments!

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