New Staff Member: Ms. Hatch

Asmita Dulla, Staff Writer

Hey Mustangs, let’s welcome our new staff member, Ms. Hatch! This is her first year teaching at MHHS as an OC Physical Sciences & Adulting Teacher. It was great asking Ms. Hatch a few questions about herself and her experience so far at our high school. Check them out!

What are your interests and/or hobbies?

“I love to hike/take walks, go to the gym, snowboard, play softball–basically anything that can get me outside and moving. I also love to curl up and read or watch trash TV.”

How has it been teaching at MHHS so far?

“Starting this year with distance teaching has 

been different, but being an OC teacher has 

helped the transition immensely. The only thing

I feel like I’m really missing out on is interacting

with my students since I only see them for testing 

or if they need assistance. I’m grateful for Advisory

because it allows me to interact with some students 

every day.” 

What led you into the world of teaching 

science, and how did you become a teacher?

“Being a teacher wasn’t my first choice. From the age 

of 13 I wanted to be a criminalist, and that dream 

evolved into wanting to be a firearms expert examiner 

for the FBI. Yes, I was one of those people who was 

inspired by watching shows like CSI, NCIS, Bones, etc. 

However, I took it a step further and visited crime labs 

in San Mateo, Oakland, Fremont, and Martinez. I 

interviewed latent prints experts, firearms and ballistics 

experts, and even met a woman my freshman year of 

college who was exactly who I wanted to be when I grew up.

 However, the schooling that was required didn’t really work 

for me and with my learning style, so I did some soul searching 

and changed my major. I realized that my dream ultimately was 

to help people and make a difference, and the people who 

impacted my life throughout the years were my teachers. I 

knew that science was my favorite subject, and my freshman 

Earth Science teacher was incredible. So I decided that I 

wanted to be her and pursued education in science.”


Who is your inspiration?

“As an educator, I have modeled myself after my

 7th grade World History teacher, my 8th grade 

Honors English teacher, my 9th grade Earth 

Science teacher, and my advisor for my major 

who also taught pedagogy. As a person, I look 

up to my mom and I hope I can be half the mom 

she has been to me to my two sons.”


What are some things you like about MHHS?

“I love being able to collaborate with my department and OC/OP cohort every week. MHHS’s Adminitration has been incredibly supportive. I like how tech-heavy the school is because it made the transition to a new school and distance learning more seamless during a pandemic year than it otherwise could have been. And I have enjoyed learning about my students and their unique personalities through my interactions with them.”


What’s the best advice you’ve been given about teaching?

“It’s actually advice I read about parenting, but it applies to teaching as 

well since the best teachers invest their hearts and souls into this 

profession. But it has to do with self-care. If you are in an airplane

and an emergency happens that causes a change in cabin pressure, 

you are instructed to put on your mask before you assist your child or 

someone else. You can’t give your students your best effort if you are 

constantly running on empty. “