TV Review: Julie and the Phantoms

Judy Saafein, Editor

Hello Mustangs! Since we’re all watching TV and I can never stay on one show for too long, I decided to review some TV shows. This week I will be going over Julie and the Phantoms, a show taking TikTok by storm. At first I was skeptical because it is a children’s show, but as I watched it, I realized there are plenty of references that teens can understand or relate to. 

The show talks about a biracial girl who just lost her mom named Julie. Since music was a huge thing for her mom, Julie refuses to do anything involving music and starts the process of leaving her performing arts school. However, after finally going through her mom’s things, she finds- a GHOST BAND! Together they cope with their personal problems. 

Now the show has a diverse set of characters- race AND gender-wise. But if you hated High School Musical, this is not your cup of tea. Every episode has at least two songs, which gets a little tedious after episode 3. 

All in all, I would give this show a 7/10 because it is wholesome, and a bit cringy.I wouldn’t skip the show or complain, but I won’t go looking for it either. Please tell me what shows I should review next and if there are specific episodes you want me to watch!