Perspectives on a Pandemic

Zahra Fadoo

One day we’re leading normal lives,
Locked in with fear the next,
Of our mental peace this virus deprives,
What happened?  The world is suddenly at unrest,
Social distancing, self-quarantine, and shelter in place,
Are precautionary measures, though nothing happens without God’s grace,
This virus goes beyond ventilators, PPE, and hospital beds,
As xenophobia and anxiety run through our heads,
Some isolate, some worry, some pray and some hoard,
With children at home, confused, scared and bored,
Schools closed down due to governor’s orders and a persuasive petition,
Fear and value of safety led to this unanimous decision,
Events are being cancelled and stores are being closed,
Though this gives us the opportunity to spend time with those we love most,
The desire for all to return to normal leads us to hold a greater appreciation,
To realize what we took for granted and make the most out of our situation,
“Indeed with every hardship comes ease” is a statement true,
It gives us hope that the sun will shine once more,
Tomorrow is another day, where we’ll find that from our scars we grew,
We appreciate the little things, the times we weren’t bored,
We initially assumed a pandemic wasn’t possible,
It occured in history and brought distress and trouble,
So processing and coping was more of a struggle,
This virus has taken some things we love most
How much we love them this virus has shown,
To some of us COVID may be a nuisance, but to many it brought profound loss,
Precious lives the virus has taken, from China to Italy to the U.S. across,
Victims will always stay in our hearts,
Each and every soul will be remembered,
Whenever it may be and wherever we are,
Their warm memories will make us smile at the time our lives they entered,
May those affected be blessed with patience,
We are in this together, and we sympathize with your grief and frustration,
This is truly a time of togetherness,
And although we may be physically keeping our distance,
Our hearts are one, and we will become at ease, basking in the support and reminiscence,
To stay strong we are told,
To keep hope and persist is a move bold,
This trauma will blow over eventually,
In the meantime let’s proceed with our lives graciously,
And have unwavering faith in God tenaciously,
As this is a test, a test indeed,
But perhaps this is a blessing in disguise,
As pollution has lessened and there’s more of family time,
Does Dad want to play Monopoly or Uno?
Let’s roller skate to the park or play with our fish,
What’s for dinner? I already told you,
Mom and I are cooking a new dish,
Let’s go watch a movie at Gramma’s and Gramps,
I want to show them my new collection of stamps,
But wait, we’re quarantined, so let’s facetime instead,
And Gramma’ll gain some technology experience before bed!
Though physically apart, we’re now closer than ever,
Hearing their voices makes us feel so much better,
This scourge has taught the whole world a lesson,
More can mean less – this is the message,
Conservation is ideal and extravagance no more,
The chance to realize and appreciate – this virus has given us valuable lessons we didn’t ask for,
Now simple necessities, basics like toilet paper,
Are more than ever cherished, with value now far greater,
Years from now we’ll look back and realize,
This calamity grew us more than we may know, and hard as it has been, perhaps that was the why,
COVID brought many of today’s issues to light,
And there’s no telling the future, but this virus bring what it might,
With our scars from yesterday and hopes for tomorrow,
With our greater than ever appreciation and stronger toleration to despair and sorrow,
With our realizations, experiences and new understandings broad,
We can and will power through it, just have faith in God.