Things to do While at Home

Alisha Polacheril

We all know that we are going through this unfortunate event that’s sadly keeping us from leaving our home to protect others and ourselves. Why not use this time to try out new things or find new hobbies you never thought you’d like. People utilize this time to read, write or some may even start learning how to play an instrument. One thing you should definitely do is stay positive and help others stay the same way. For instance, provide emotional support for others through phone calls to help each other stay happy and not feel bored or alone. Learn something new off of tutorials online like arts and crafts using materials around the house. Educate yourself, there’s tons of new things you could learn about the world, an animal, or even a famous person you don’t know much about. In total, you should really use this time to learn about yourself and others, or use up this time to spend more quality time with our loved ones.