Stress Relief

Camille Kulak

Recently, there has been a lot of reports of heightened stress, anxiety, and many different mental disorders. The pandemic is really hurting some of these people’s mental state. Throughout this time, personally I have found some activities that help with heightened stress. Of course, everyone is different, but these are a few tactics people can use, and a few activities people can try for stress relief and to distract yourself for long periods of time. The list is as follows: Cooking, Baking, painting (even if you aren’t “good” you have your own style!), coloring/drawing, watching a new television series, re-watching old disney movies (or old movies you enjoy), have a family dinner with a dress up theme! There are endless opportunities for stress relief. The main goal is to keep your mind occupied for you to have some fun for a certain amount of time! Stress is not fun, so above are some fun ways to stay occupied in everyday life!