Saturday Night Family Time

Nyila Johnson

Being stuck at home for the majority of the day can be boring, trust me, I know. However, it doesn’t have to be! These days at home give us extra time with our families to bond and become even closer. For my family, this includes our Saturday night, “Hour of Power.” 

“Hour of Power” is something we came up with a couple weeks ago that involves the entire household. Each week, someone in the family is nominated to come up with an activity for the upcoming Saturday. Now, this person can choose anything from doing a craft to writing a poem. The activity has to last at least 30 minutes and must include everyone. Just last weekend, my little brother came up with an Escape Room in my mom’s office. We were stuck in there for 45 minutes! Other activities we’ve done are drawing portraits of one another, doing research on an elder in the family, and making sock puppets.

These activities have given us something to look forward to during the week and helps us all get to know each other a little more, but in so many different ways. This week, it’s my turn to do an “Hour of Power.” I haven’t come up with my activity yet, but I’ll keep you posted.