Goodbye, Glee….Until Next Year

Samantha Sebandal

Wednesday, April 17 was a whirlwind of activity for those in Glee Club. The club held its final banquet of the year, free and open to anyone interested in coming. Participants rushed to get the MPR ready for the event, which was kicked off by a performance by next year’s president and vice president, Astrid Mann and Marcello Antonio. Other great individual, duo, and trio performances followed.

Once those performances had finished it was time for the group performances. The freshman, sophomore, and juniors had prepared a secret farwell performance for the seniors and the seniors had prepared a secret farwell performance for the underclassmen. The underclassmen went first, performing “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” from the Hamilton musical. The seniors went next, performing a medley of songs that included “Bye Bye Bye”, “Ain’t No Mountain”, “Lean on Me”, “Remember Me”, and “So Long, Farewell”. With emotions running high it was only a matter of time before everybody started tearing up, and that’s exactly what happened during these group performances.

With the performance part of the banquet now finished the officers prepared to give out awards. The seniors had prepared secret awards for the underclassmen, and the underclassmen did the same for the seniors. Some were laughable, inside jokes while others were sweet and meaningful. All of Glee’s participants received an award that was suited to them and their time in Glee.

The banquet concluded with speeches from this year’s and next year’s president and vice president. They were roller coasters of emotion, filled with laughter of fond memories and tears of goodbye. With the speeches completed the banquet had drawn to a close, and onlookers began to leave as the cleanup began. For many Glee members, this was their last performance in Glee for this year. For a few, it was their last for their high school careers. So goodbye, Glee….until next year.