Pennies for Cancer

Alina Haque

Recently, the Learning Commons started hosting a fundraiser called Pennies for Cancer. All the donations made towards this cause go directly to the Sacramento Children’s Hospital and SFO Children’s Hospital. Additionally, 80% of the collected money will be used for finding a cure and supporting families who have a child with cancer. The donations are being collected by classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) till May 17th. If the school raises $2000, the class with the most donations will be rewarded with a pizza party. Also, if the school manages to raise $10,000, Mrs.McCoy, Mr.Lloyd, and Mr. Fienstien will all shave their heads. “Children with cancer often die nameless and have unaccomplished dreams”, says Mrs.McCoy, which is why unlike most donations, this fundraiser will direct all of its money towards pediatric cancer. Donate now to make a difference, and remember that even pennies can make a difference.