Podcast Review: Planet Money

Luke Conley

NPR’s Planet Money podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in the world, and for good reason. The podcast is easily accessible in both a literal and figurative sense, as it has an extremely wide distribution through the internet, and the topics and vernacular used are relatable for a wide range of people. Planet Money’s primary goal is to inform listeners about unique and interesting happenings in the world of economics. The presentation of the show is usually through the lens of a story, which makes it engaging for listeners, and helps keep us hooked to the end. The show’s repertoire of hosts keep a playful attitude that makes the show feel even more accessible. On top of this, the show consistently only lasts 20-30 minutes, which is a short run time in the world of podcasts.


There are only 2 bad aspects of this podcast that I can think of. First, there is an obnoxious amount of advertisements that interrupt the show. Secondly, many of the episodes that air every week are reruns, which could be bothersome for long-time listeners.


Planet money manages to make money an accessible topic for the general American public twice a week for free. I recommend listening in if you ever have the chance. One recent episode that I enjoyed listening to is “#644: How Much Does This Cow Weigh?”