MHHS Study Tips

With finals right around the corner, we felt we should help you with some study tips to help you get through the week.

  1. Create your own study guide.
    1. By creating your own study guide can help you understand the material in an easier way for you to understand.
  2. Organize a study group.
    1. Put together a study group that is efficient so you can help one another understand the content.
  3. Study everything.
    1. Just because it isn’t on the study guide, still study it. You never know what will be on the test.
  4. Take breaks.
    1. Studying for long periods of time won’t help you memorize.
  5. Stay well-rested.
    1. Getting a full night’s sleep will help you stay focused.
  6. Quiz yourself.
    1. By creating your own test you can be able to test your knowledge and figure out what you need to study more.
  7. Color code your notes.
    1. By color coding your notes, it becomes easier to remember and understand. Keeping everything organized helps the brain process information easier.