The Science Olympiad Team Breaks a 19 Year Streak

Sameh Shaikh

On March 1, 2019 the Mountain House High School science Olympiad team went to McNair High School to compete in the annual regional tournament. Students participated in 3-4 events each that ranged in topic from chemistry and physics to earth science and biology. Many students also walked in with devices that they had built over the last few months for their respective events. At the end of the day, the Mountain House Silver team won 4th place and the Mountain House Blue team won 1st place in the competition with over 30 teams participating. As a result Mountain House took home the Meredith Davis Perpetual award that was awarded to the team during the school board meeting in March. Mountain House broke the 19 year streak that Tokay High School held for being the tournament champions at the tournament and emerged as champions. The team is hopeful to continue their success in future years.