Freaky Friday

Samantha Sebandal

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The start of the new year marked the start of something else new – a new drama production. These past few months have been a whirlwind of action for students in the production, from auditioning to rehearsals that ran long hours. Their hard work, however, has not gone unnoticed, and the culmination of their efforts has lended to the creation of a production that clearly showcases the talents that these students have to offer.

At 7 pm on Friday, April 12, an eager audience found their seats in the theater and began to settle down. Moments later, Drama director Mr. Hixon came out on stage to introduce Mountain House High School’s first ever musical. Freaky Friday originally started out as a book, but was turned into a movie and then a musical. MHHS is one of the first schools to have bought the rights to the play and to perform it.  

And what a performance it was! It lasted two hours, with an intermission in between. Despite a few technical difficulties involving audio, the performance went smoothly. All of the hard work that the cast put into the production paid off, and they all shone. Great job to everyone involved in the production!

Don’t forget to catch the other performances this Friday and Saturday, April 19 and 20!