Early College Program

Alina Haque

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As most of you know, Mountain House High School offers the Early College Program to students. This program allows students to take college courses alongside their high school classes for four years to receive their Associates Degree as well as fulfill general education requirements from UC and CSU schools. Additionally, the classes taken at Delta College can also be used to fulfill credits for high school graduation. Students from this Early College Program see this opportunity as rewarding because they were able to take classes that the high school doesn’t offer, and by taking a variety of courses they were able to discover what they were interested in. Nashrah Dabhoiwala, a current senior and participant of this program, says “ The program taught me how to do well in college-level courses and gave me an introduction to college life. I have also learned how to use resources available to me in college, such as online databases and education plans.” The Early College students are now looking forward to their Delta graduation, which is being held at the Stockton Arena on the 23rd of May.