ARK Club

Zoe Enriquez

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Back in September 2018, the Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Club was founded at Mountain House High School by Daniel Ky (ARK President) and Manreet Sohi (ARK Vice President). They started it with the hope that the club would promote kindness all over the campus. Fellow officers were elected to help the club run as smoothly as possible: Bernize Lozada as Treasurer, Marissa McGuire as Secretary, Zoe Enriquez as Design Coordinator/Networker, and Siri Byri as Photographer. We all quickly became good friends, and our close relationships allowed us to work better and more efficiently together. The club has hosted multiple community service opportunities, and if they earn at least 20 hours by senior year, they will be awarded with a stole for graduation. Once a year, an ARK HCP is hosted in San Jose, where the original ARK Club was founded. At the HCP, ARK members have the chance to meet and bond with other ARK members from different schools. The ARK Club is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and help spread kindness and positivity.