JV Girls Basketball

Rose Foster

The JV girls team has had an outstanding season this year demonstrating amazing sportsmanship, determination, and perseverance. When interviewing Sahar Nazarani, a tenth grader on the team who has been playing basketball for 5 years, she talks about how being on the team inspires her to be a better student. “It just gives me motivation and makes me want to do better at school so I can always play.” The players get along with each other really well and playing basketball has made them build a strong relationship with the coaches. When talking with Janae Butler who is also a tenth grader on the team, she talks about how she has learned many skills through playing basketball, “I’ve been playing basketball my whole life and it’s taught me things like good sportsmanship and how to put others before myself especially when working on a team.”


Playing on the basketball team has helped the players build really close connections with each other that could last them for the rest of their lives. For people aspiring to be on the basketball team Nazrani says, “Just do it, if you really want to you’ve got to be motivated and make sure you stay on top of your stuff. Nothing in life comes easy but you have to work hard”.