Lower Temperatures, Lower Serotonin


Sahya Punati

With winter being right around the corner every year, the rushing excitement of the holidays is drowned out by stress and the pressures of everyday life. The autumn leaves have fallen, temperatures have dropped, and daylight has become unfamiliar. With days becoming shorter and sunlight becoming scarcer, seasonal depression becomes more common among teenagers. According to www.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, “These pilot data suggest that between 1.7% and 5.5% of 9-19-year-old children may have seasonal affective disorder.” Many of us have tried to get into the festive season to bring back the nostalgia of Christmas, but it is no secret that the holiday season is not the same anymore. While there are many possible contributing factors to this pitiful feeling, whether it could be the stress of finals week, the lack of daylight, or just simply growing up, the leading cause of this feeling of emptiness is still unknown.

The wellness center at MHHS is a great place to destress and relax during the school day. The wellness center is open during success/lunch and after school, allowing students to take a break and disassociate from their problems. Ms. Lisa, the staff member who runs the wellness center, talks about how the wellness center is a safe space for students in crisis. “When students have an emergency, and their counselors are not available, the wellness center is always available to students during success and lunch, after school, and students are welcome to take a 15-minute break during their class periods. The wellness center has games, coloring, and many stress-relieving fidgets.” 


While the overwhelming feeling of anxiety and depression may start to darken your holiday season, when you find yourself with this mindset, it is essential to remember you are not alone. With all things considered, it is understandable that the gloomy, depressing weather may never come at a convenient time for the holidays, but that should not stop you from enjoying the season. While it may be true that annual celebrations are unnecessary, they can provide some fun to spice up the holidays and should be taken advantage of. Whether you decorate your home, listen to holiday music, or step out onto an ice skating rink, the holidays are yours to enjoy however you want.