MESA: Moving to End Sexual Assault

Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) is an on-campus campaign that aims to spread awareness about sexual assault and additonally inform students on ways to protect themselves if they ever find themselves in a situation where they are afraid of being assaulted. Sexual assault refers to sexual contact or abuse occurring without victims’ consent. “Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted” (RAINN, 2021). This frequently occurring crime impacts so many women and men of all ages. Such a large number demands informative action to aid in the protection of all those who might be in danger. 

However, action without knowledge is not practical; therefore, MESA is holding presentations in Mrs. Cantu’s classroom during SUCCESS to inform students on topics such as: facts & myths of sexual assault, what sexual assault means, and how to protect yourself.

MESA partnered with Gracie Jiu Jitsu to provide a class focusing on basic self defense lessons. On March 4th, 2022 Gracie Jiu Jistu offered a free self defense lesson coached by Sara Chauvez at the Gracie Jiu Jitsu location in Mountain House. It was an experience which was “necessary for all women, regardless of age. It gives us a chance to defend ourselves, something everyone should know” said Soha Adnan, a freshman at Mountain House High School. The lessons had about 30 people, 15 of whom came from MESA. Coached by Sara Chauvez, this event gave all its participants confidence in their ability to defend themselves in situations and a sense of what the paid classes are like (which they can sign up for with Sara) . A perfect world would be one where women don’t have to worry about their basic safety because of their gender. Unfortunately that isn’t our reality. Therefore, it is important to know how to help yourself evade danger if you ever find yourself in such a situation. Remember, it is NEVER the victim’s fault and the abuser is ALWAYS to blame. 

MESA will be hosting a podcast with Mustang Studios for more discussion on our event. Updates can be found on our instagram @mhhsmesa.