Holiday Foods From All Over the World

Holiday Foods From All Over the World

Haylee Yeagley, Writer

During the holidays, there are many different kinds of food eaten amongst different cultures. Today I’m covering some meals eaten during the holidays in just a few cultures around the world. 


In Mexico, it is a very common tradition for people to make homemade tamales to enjoy on Christmas eve. Another commonly eaten meal during the holidays in Mexican culture is pozole, which is my family’s tradition. 


Over in Italy, many people have a seafood meal on Christmas. Something like spaghetti alle vongole, which is spaghetti with clams, would be a familiar dish during the holidays in Italy. 


In the Philippines, Lechon is a pork dish that originates in the Philippines and is eaten during the holidays. Lumpia is also a delicious meal served on festive occasions such as Noche Buena, or Christmas eve. 


These are just some of the commonly eaten foods during the holiday season in only three countries. There are so many other places in the world with the unique meals they serve for their special festivities.