Winter Activities!


Sofia Yabut, Writer

With finals coming to an end, a winter break was much needed to destress and detox our minds. Therefore, this winter break, or winter in general, we can partake in some fun activities to celebrate our last moments of 2021. For example, we can make holiday treats, like hot cocoa or decorate a gingerbread house. And since we’re in the season of giving, we can participate in community service. We could make thank you cards to staff members, pick up trash in the park, or help in Brighter Christmas (which is a project that delivers food and toys). Another activity to do over break is to watch a movie or start a new show. Netflix offers a variety of entertainment to binge-watch over break, such as Arcane, The Grinch, or New Girl. Youtube also provides free movies such as Dead Poets Society or Freedom Writers. To conclude, watching movies, baking treats, or participating in community service are great activities to do over winter break. Have a good break and great job on finishing finals!