Five Brazilians christmas desserts you need to try

Ana Laura Rodrigues, Writer

My name is Ana Rodrigues. I’m 18 years old and I was born and raised in Brazil, known as a party country. Us Brazilians love to celebrate Christmas with joy, all the family together and especially wonderful desserts. Today I present to you among several Brazilian desserts that you all  have to try and fall in love with the remarkable and unforgettable flavor.




Known as “manjar dos deus”, manjar is a sweet creamy dessert with a Christmas taste, a simple dish full of love and good memories. I can almost remember myself when I was a child asking my grandma to make manjar for me and my cousies. Manjar is a dessert that makes you smile with every bite, you should definitely try to make it for your family this christmas!

Here is the recipe: 


Mousse de maracuja:

You may think you already know what a mousse is, but the mouse that you know is the american musse. The Brazilian musse has a texture and a flavor completely different from the one you guys may know, you can find diferentes flavors of mousse, but the tradicional one is the one made with passion fruit. With arts texture, the passion fruit mousse makes any christmas pastry even better.

Here’s the recipe: 



The most popular Brazilian Christmas dessert award goes to the famous pave, known to be the most tradicionals family joke. The pave has a mix of a creamy and crunchy texture at the same time, with an irresistible texte pave became one of the favorites in many brazilias families and is A dessert that cannot be missed on the Brazilian family table.                    

Here’s the recipe: 



When we talk about Brazilian sweets we automatically think of the famous brigadeiros, a chocolate ball full of flavor that is easy and fun to make with family and friends. Call the children to the kitchen and make together the brigadeiros for this christmas.

Here’s the recipe:


Pudim de leite condensado: 

Pudim is another dessert with a known name in the USA but again different from the Brazilian pudding, the Brazilian pudding made with condensed milk has the creamy texture of a mousse in the consistency and appearance of a cake, covered in caramel. Our pudding is even more Tasty.

Here’s the recipe: