MHHS Girls Tennis Team Makes Mountain House History


Ragavardhini Pattangi, Writer

Mountain House High School tennis team wins the championships, bringing home the trophy as well as a happy way to end the season. The team has worked hard and strong to bring home this spectacular win, going down in Mountain House tennis history. “We practiced a lot and won with a good score. I really love playing tennis,” says Udaiyaa Bommudurai, a senior and a varsity tennis player here at Mountain House High School. She proudly holds her patch and says that this moment is something special and will be deeply cherished amongst the team members. “The tennis team is one of the best sports team at Mountain House and I am proud to be a part of it,” says Neha Bhaskarabhotla, a sophomore and varsity tennis player. She explains how welcoming the team is and how amazing it is to be a part of the experience. This season’s tennis team will for sure go down in all of Mountain House High School sports history for being the winners of the school’s first ever sectional championship title.