Top 5 Christmas Songs of 2021


Kianna Hammer, Writer

Some of us prefer our Christmas music on the pensive side, with wistful lyrics about dusky snowfalls and memories. It’s not joy being sought, but permission to wallow in melancholy. Others relish the frisky sounds of sleigh bells and triumphant cascades of horns that embellish so many holiday classics. The season doesn’t go into effect until they’ve literally rocked around the Christmas tree. That being said, I’ve collected the Top 5 most popular and most listened to Christmas songs this year. Each one is more cheerful than the last.

The first song on the charts is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Night” by Judy Garland. Songwriters Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane have said the first version they wrote for Garland’s film “Meet Me In St. Louis” was so sad, she wouldn’t sing it. Good to know that this is the happy version. 

Coming in at number two is “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey.It sounded like a classic upon its arrival, and it’s still the most delightful inductee in the hall of modern Christmas song. Some might say this is their least favorite song because it is “overplayed” however it’s always a good one to ring in the holiday season. 

Third on the list is “Last Christmas” by WHAM! George Michael’s melancholy lyrics as he laments a fizzled romance might initially seem like a downer. But instead, the combination of a satiny melody and his eventual hopefulness keeps us cheering through the holidays. You might hear this song in coffee shops or stores as it is also the most played in stores and business. So while you’re shopping you can feel the holiday cheer.

“White Christmas” takes fourth place. This song is probably one most if not all of you have heard of, it’s the song that started it all. The Irving Berlin standard, written for the 1942 film “Holiday Inn,” won an Academy Award for best original song at the 15th annual ceremony.

Last but not least in spot five, “Wonderful Christmas Time” is filled with a sprightly chorus and a typically melodic bass line, this solo hit recorded during McCartney’s sessions for his “McCartney II” album exemplifies his own consistent cheer. The song represents the bliss of his singing career and the love he had for christmas.

Christmas is a holiday of giving, receiving, and being grateful for your family and all that you have. Give your family or loved ones a hug this holiday and remember to always be merry and bright, and may all your christmases be white.