What kind of Christmas tree should you buy this Holiday Season

Hiya Das, Writer

To find the best type of tree, you need to figure out what kind of tree fits your house and

your needs. First your ceiling height should come in place to determine the height of the tree. It is usually recommended to have a tree a couple feet shorter than the ceiling height. After that it depends on whether you prefer a real tree. Well, if you love real trees, you are at the right spot.

Right before the holidays, there are so many options for trees to choose from. It is very tiring. There are different kinds of trees, and we will separate the different options by their size, smell and cost.

If you are someone who loves sitting by the christmas tree and smell its beautiful woody aroma, here is the name of the aromatic tree that will sooth your nostrils this christmas. The Balsam fir is the best out there, it is really fragrant and very popular during Christmas. The problem with this tree is that it dries out really fast.

Now if you are someone who likes to have a cozy Christmas with a small tree or go all out, here are the two best options for a small and big tree. For that cozy look the Virginia pine is your best friend. It is known as a small tree with short branches and is very dense. Now for going all out getting the Grand Fir is like winning a lottery. This beautiful tree can grow upto 230 ft tall and is filled with multicolored needles which brings life to the tree.

There are times when we need to cut on costs and we still want the full effect. Well, if you are on a budget and want something to last for a long time, we recommend getting an artificial christmas tree. Well what are the plus factors? Even though the cost is slightly on the expensive side, an artificial tree will cover the cost of not having to get a new tree every year and pay off. It is also better for the environment since you are not cutting trees.

There are so many types of Christmas trees; it is a never ending list. The best and most recommended way to get your dream tree is to visit a Christmas tree store and buy the one that calls for your name just like your first love (but with a tree). These options were to give an idea on how trees can be categorized. With this we hope you find your dream tree!