Staff Spotlight: Mr. Cuslidge

Asmita Dulla

Hey Mustangs! Let’s acknowledge our long-term substitute teacher, Mr. Cuslidge! He will be long term subbing all year so we thought it would be great to interview him this week. Keep reading to know more about Mr. Cuslidge! 


What are your interests and/or hobbies?


“I like playing/watching football and baseball. 

Working out and writing stories when I have time.”


What are some things you like about MHHS? 


“The teachers and admin are great and very helpful. The continuous process of trying to improve. From the time school opened to now, there have been numerous things that required a process to get better. Whether it’s curriculum, the implementation of Success, or any of the other thousands of things, there is always motivation to improve. While some things are still in the process, there are many things that are going well because of the hard work of the admin and teachers, and the buy-in of the students.”


How has it been working at MHHS so far?


“It has been great. I’ve gotten to work in many different departments and have enjoyed all of them.”


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?


“I guess “Only control what you can control”. It’s kind of cliche however, sometimes you have to continue telling yourself that when you teach.”


What led you into doing your job, and how did you work for it? 


“I wanted to help and motivate kids just like many of my former teachers did for me.”


Who is your inspiration?


“Overall, my sister Tara. She’s a hard worker and strives to reach her goals. At the high school, I would say Mr. Pannu. He really goes above and 

beyond to help out teachers and students. Honestly, there are some times it seems that he doesn’t take time off.”