Mountain House Chicken

Katharine Smith

If you haven’t seen him already, roaming around the streets of our town is the latest Mountain House mascot- an adventurous chicken! Adding onto our wide variety of community birds, this particular chicken has been fending for himself near the creek trail by Arnaudo Blvd for about two weeks now. By bravely avoiding the local predators, he has created a rather admirable status for himself. Quite a few people in town who have seen our newest visitor have often posted photos on the Mountain House Residents Facebook page, making him extremely popular with the animal lovers in town.


My calculus class has recently taken an interest in the chicken after our teacher, Mrs. Qutob, head of the MHHS math department, presented us with pictures of him when noticed on her daily walks with her family (seen right). To begin our success periods, we [the students] will often ask about this free-range chicken, and have even granted him a name: Gerald!


So the next time you see Gerald pecking the sidewalk or posing near a flashy new car, make sure to snap a picture, give him a wave, and give everyone an update!