Staff Spotlight: Mr. Miramontes

Staff Spotlight: Mr. Miramontes

Asmita Dulla, Writer

New Staff Member!

Hey Mustangs, let’s welcome our new staff member, Mr. Miramontes! This is his first year teaching at MHHS as an Adulting 101 teacher. I had a pleasant time interviewing him, and I hope you like his answers as much as I did!

What are your interests and/or hobbies?

“I love sports! I love playing golf on my days off. 

And I also love hiking.”


How has it been working at MHHS so far?

It has been good so far. Just a little weird with

the distance learning and teaching a new course 

outside of my credential. (Adulting 101)”


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

“The best advice I have gotten is to know when to 

be away from work and have my own time. I struggled 

with checking my email way too much even after work hours.”


What led you into doing your job, and how

did you work for it?

I chose the path of PE teaching because I have a 

few PE teachers in my family. It always seemed like 

such a fun job. My program at CSU Stanislaus really

drove home the fact that I wanted to do PE. I learned 

a lot from that program.”


          Who is your inspiration?


“My inspiration is my parents. They have worked 

hard their whole lives. Both without college, doing 

it the old school way of working hard and working 

their way up over time. They were the reason I 

wanted to go to and complete college. Their work 

ethic is what inspired me.”


What are some things you like about MHHS?

“I like the collaboration between teachers, especially the

PE/Health department. I got hired on pretty late and if it 

wasn’t for all the help and collaboration, it really would 

have been a tough year.”