Real Heroes


Zahra Fadoo, Staff Writer

During these days and times, it is easy to say that healthcare professionals are heroes.  Doctors, nurses, and all those working in the medical field have been more recognized during this pandemic than ever before. I believe this wholeheartedly; healthcare professionals are essential to this world and are true heroes that save lives. There are so many individuals, like my dad, who are working late nights and risking their lives for the sake of the health of others. A career in medicine is no doubt demanding. In my personal opinion, it is the most rewarding job.  But heroes today can come in various forms and transcend those in the healthcare space.


During the course of this pandemic, so many lives have been lost. People have passed from coronavirus, others have left this world from suicide. Many individuals have lost a family member, a friend, or a colleague. There has been so much hopelessness, depression, exhaustion, sadness, desperation, among so many other emotions. Individuals are stuck at home, relatives unable to see one another, vacations cancelled, businesses shut down, skyrocketing unemployment – the list goes on. I believe a true hero during this time is a person that brings light to darkness, uplifts others, and brings positivity and change to this world.  


This is especially important given the widespread negativity that has plagued our nation over the recent several years and worsened in recent months. Those that provide messages of hope and sanguine energy to those who need it are heroes.  Depression is real.  Anxiety exists. If one has the ability to brighten an individual’s day, they are a hero in my eyes.  These people can be family, friends, teachers, political leaders, colleagues, comedians, media, or even a pet.


Having gone through the turbulence of this past year, I now try to see heroes in all those I encounter.  As I’ve described above, heroes come in all shapes and sizes and don’t necessarily wear capes or uniforms.  They surround us, subtle though they may be, but if you look for them, negativity gives way to positivity, and darkness to light.