The Mountain House Farmer’s Market


Katharine Smith, Editor

Katharine Smith

Approaching its fourth year in Mountain House, the local farmers market continues to flourish under unnatural circumstances. Along with their recent relocation from Wicklund village to Central Park, the business owners must meet certain safety requirements in order to sell their products. Although everyone (including customers) must wear a mask in order to shop, the employees must also wear gloves when handling food items.


If interested, the market is open from 9am to 1pm every Sunday, held in the Library Parking Lot, depending on weather circumstances. They provide an assortment of food items, including fresh vegetables and fruits, pastries, and meals from various cultures, as well as plants, soaps, and organizations you can donate to. Some popular businesses you may encounter are The Lemon Box, Dore French Bakery, Oaxaca Tamales, and Bay Area Italian Ice! 

Katharine Smith


In fact, last Sunday I visited and was on the lookout for anything new to try. However, I was drawn by my usual go-to drink from Confetea that was filled to the brim with honeydew smoothie. Then, the new Cabalen Sweet & Savory’s pandesal buns caught my eye, where the very accomodating owners recommended their ube keso pandesals. Both were a delicious start to my day, and a great way to support Mountain House’s local businesses! 

Kathrine Smith